Employment Logistics Training


The course is composed of 20 teaching hours.

The first part of the course consists of lecture material (8 hours):

  • Container transporting;
  • Air delivery;
  • Auto-delivery;
  • Railway delivery;
  • Building a supply chain from door to door; Accompanying documents;
  • Accompanying documents;
  • Secrets of Logistics Sales Managers;

The second part consists of 12 hours of practical training:

  • Calculation of freight rates;
  • Booking;
  • Client search;
  • Cold calls;
  • Transactions;

At the end of the course, we conduct testing of student’s knowledge.

If you have scored more than 56% of correct answers, we will give you certificates of completion of our course.

If you scored more than 75% -- we will invite you for an internship for 1 month with the possibility of further employment.

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certificate.

Экспресс-курс по логистике + Стажировка